Basic Electronics mcqs paper 1

Basic Electronics mcqs paper 1

1. Voltage across 4 ohm resistance in respect of the following drawing circuit

will be

a)    12 V                                            b)      6 V
c)    4 V                                               d)      20 V


2. One unit of consumption in electrical installation is equal to

a) 1 ampere                                    b)      1 watt hour

c)    1 kilowatt hour                          d)      1 volt ampere

3. Power rating of component is expressed in

a)    Ampere                                       b)      Voltage
c)    Watt                                             d)      Ampere hour

4. In a diesel engine, governor controls

a) Load current                                       b)            Output voltage of an alternator

c)    Freq. of the generating voltage       d)            None of the above

5. In a domestic electrical wiring various lamps are connected in

a)    Parallel                                                               b)         Series
c)    Some in series and some in parallel                        d)         None of the above

6. Instrument used for measuring the rotational speed of an engine is

a)    Speedometer                             b)      Anemometer
c)    Tachometer                               d)      All the above

7. 8000 micro farad is same as

a)    8 x 10-6 farad                             b)      8 x 10-9 farad
c)    8 x 10-3 farad                             d)      8 x 106 farad

8. In a sinusoidal wave, peak voltage is equal to

a)    RMS voltage                              b)      RMS Voltage  ¸  Ö2
c)    Ö2 RMS voltage                        d)      1.1 RMS voltage

9. Farad is the unit of

a)    Inductance                                b)      Capacitance
c)    Resistance                                d)      None of the above

10. LP/HP cut out is used in

a)    Diesel Generator                      b)      AC plants
c)    Air flow meter                            d)      watt hour meter

11. A megger is an instrument used for measuring

a)    Very high voltage                     b)      Very low voltage
c)    Very high current                     d)      Very high resistance

12. Star-Delta starter can be used in

a)    2HP 230 volt AC motor            b)      5 HP 400 volt AC motor
c)    5 HP DC motor                          d)      None of the above

13. The speed of an 8- pole alternator to generate 400 v at 50 Hz will be

a)    750 rpm                                      b)      900 rpm
c)    1500 rpm                                    d)      450 rpm

14. The value of the resistance having coloured strips as shown in figure is

a)    2200 + 10%                               b)      2200 + 5%
c)    470 ohm                                     d)      2000 + 10%

15. In a condenser of an air conditioning plant heat is transferred from

a)    water to air                                 b)      refrigerant to water
c)    air to water                                 d)      water to refrigerant

16. Capacitance between AB is equal to

a)    12 pf                                            b)      9 pf
c)    0.75 pf                                        d)      1.33 pf

17. In three phase  connection, phase current is

a)    Equal to line current                b)      less than line current
c)    Greater than line current         d)      cannot be predicted

18. If fire takes place in air circuit breaker, the fire extinguisher used will be

a)    Foam type                                  b)      CO2 type          
c)    Water                                          d)      Sand

19. Electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy by

a)    Solar Cell                                   b)      Steam Engine
c)    AC/DC motor                             d)      Solar Cooker

20             Loudspeaker converts

a)    Sound into electrical energy  b)      Electrical energy into sound
c)    Light into electrical energy     d)      Heat into electrical energy

21. _________________ amplifier is used immediately after microphone