Broadcast Engineering Short Answers 1

Electronics and Communication Engineering Short answers

(Broadcast Engineering)

  • The repealer electrode in a reflex  is at                         potential.
  • The junction capacitance of a diode is made up of  a                       
  • The ripple frequency of a 50 Hz, 3 phase full wave rectifier is                       Hz.
  • Main advantage of grounded grid amplifier is                       
  • In a push pull amplifier                        harmonic are absent.
  • If two amplifiers of gain 10 are cascaded, the overall gain will be                
  • A rejector circuit offers                         reactance above resonance.
  • The filter used in the first stage of AF chain is usually                          pass.
  • The crystal of an oscillator is placed in order to                    
  • In a 10KW transmitter if the modulation index is 0.5, the total side band power is                
  • The detector used in an FM receiver is                     
  • The digital gate used for the logic "This or that but not both" is                     
  • ROM is a                      memory in terms of relativity.
  • A negative logic means                     
  • If a 20 kHz audio is to be sampled in A/D convertor, the minimum sampling frequency shall be                 for faith full reproduction.
  • The most common modulation scheme used in a digital satellite communication system is                       
  • In a computer hardware BIOS stands for                 
  • A spectrum analyzer is a                     domain equipment.
  • A geo-stationary orbit is approximately at                   km height.