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Broadcast Engineering Short Answers 1

Electronics and Communication Engineering Short answers

(Broadcast Engineering)

  • The repealer electrode in a reflex  is at                         potential.
  • The junction capacitance of a diode is made up of  a                       
  • The ripple frequency of a 50 Hz, 3 phase full wave rectifier is                       Hz.
  • Main advantage of grounded grid amplifier is                       
  • In a push pull amplifier                        harmonic are absent.
  • If two amplifiers of gain 10 are cascaded, the overall gain will be                
  • A rejector circuit offers                         reactance above resonance.
  • The filter used in the first stage of AF chain is usually                          pass.
  • The crystal of an oscillator is placed in order to                    
  • In a 10KW transmitter if the modulation index is 0.5, the total side band power is                
  • The detector used in an FM receiver is                     
  • The digital gate used for the logic "This or that but not both" is                     
  • ROM is a                      memory in terms of relativity.
  • A negative logic means                     
  • If a 20 kHz audio is to be sampled in A/D convertor, the minimum sampling frequency shall be                 for faith full reproduction.
  • The most common modulation scheme used in a digital satellite communication system is                       
  • In a computer hardware BIOS stands for                 
  • A spectrum analyzer is a                     domain equipment.
  • A geo-stationary orbit is approximately at                   km height.

EC Engineering MCQs Paper 2

EC Engineering MCQs​

Electronics and Communication Engineering  Test Paper

Choose the correct answer

1. The output power of an audio power amplifier is 12 W, which is approximately

a) 20 dBm                   b) 41 dBm                   c) 62 dBm                   d) 86 dBm

2. The bandwidth of a wide-band amplifier to reproduce a pulse faithfully depends on

a) Width of the pulse                                       b) Rise time of the pulse        
c) Frequency of the pulse                               d) All of these

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Basic Electronics mcqs paper 1

Basic Electronics mcqs paper 1

1. Voltage across 4 ohm resistance in respect of the following drawing circuit

will be

a)    12 V                                            b)      6 V
c)    4 V                                               d)      20 V


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MCQs in Radio Engineering Part – 2

MCQs in Radio Engineering Part – 2   (Electronics and Communication Engineering) Test Paper

Choose the correct answer

1. Medium wave broadcast band is from

a)         530 kHz to 1600 kHz             
b)         3 MHz to 10 MHz
c)         10 MHz to 30 MHz

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PSU Sample Paper 2

1. Three 100W non-inductive resistors, when connected in star across 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase consumes 1600 W.  When one of the resistances becomes open, the power consumption is reduced by:

a)         half                  b)         one third          c)         two third          d)         one fourth

2. The power input to a three phase induction motor is 62 kW.  The stator loss is 2 kW.  If the rotor is running with a slip of 5%, the total copper loss in the rotor will be:

a)         500 W              b)         1000 W            c)         1500 W            d)         3000 W

3. A transformer has an iron loss of 250 W and full-load copper loss of 1000 W.  At what percentage of full-load, the efficiency becomes maximum:

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PSU Sample Paper 1

PSU Sample Paper 1

Multiple choice Questions 

1.   The velocity of sound is the least in which of the following medium:
1) Air                     2) Water                      3)  Wood                     4) Vacuum

2.   Two amplifier stages have voltage gains of 100 and 200.  The total decibel voltage gain of the cascaded amplifiers is:
      1)  46 dB               2)  86 dB                     3)  66 dB                     4) 106 dB

3.   In the circuit shown, what is the minimum value of RL for which the output voltage will remain constant?

PSU Sample Question Papers

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