General Knowledge Point to Point 4

General Knowledge Point to Point 4

1. In recent times, BYOD has been making waves in the business world, with a large number of companies opening up to the concept to enhance business productivity. BYOD stands for?

Answer: Bring Your Own Device

2. Who has been recently appointed as the new chief of NASSCOM?

Answer: Krishnakumar Natarajan

3. Recently, the High Court of which state in India had given a verdict that all new vehicles registered in the state should run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)?

Answer: Gujarat

4. Who has been selected as the captain of the India Under-19 Cricket team?

Answer: Vijay Zol, Sanju Samson, the wicket keeper from Kerala is the Vice Captain of the team.

5. Who won the high quality final match of the 12th Asian Billiards Championship 2013?

Answer: Rupesh Shah

6. Recently, which National Park was chosen for unmanned aerial survey, which is first of its kind in India?

Answer: Kaziranga National park

7. As per the provisional data released by the Central Statistical Organization (CSO), for 2012-13, which state leads all states in India with respect to economic growth?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

8. Which is the innovative exhibition on rail, launched by Ministry of Environment for to create awareness in youth about the exceptional biodiversity of India?

Answer: Science Express Biodiversity Special (SEBS) Train

9. Which country was making news recently as it’s privately owned newspapers go on sale for the first time since 1964?

Answer: Myanmar

10. Recently three astronauts reached International Space Station in six hours from Earth. Which spaceship is used by them?

Answer: Suyuz- TMA

11. Who was awarded Pandit Hridaynath Lifetime Achievement award recently?

Answer: Asha Bhonsle

12. Which is the first Indian state to introduce e-GPF facility?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

13. Who has become Kenya’s fourth President?

Answer: Uhuru Kenyatta

14. Which state in India will host the World Chess Championship from November 6 to 26 in 2013?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

15. The code name given to the electronic surveillance program operated by the United States which is said to have had direct access to the communications passed through Google, Facebook, Apple and many other internet companies?

Answer: PRISM

16. According to the data released by the World Steel Association, India is ranked ………….. in the world steel production?

Answer: Fourth. The world No.1 producer is China.

17. World Ocean Day was celebrated on …………?

Answer: June 8

18. Who has registered a record 8th win in the Men’s Singles title in the French Open Tennis Tournament?

Answer: Rafael Nadal (Spain), with this win he has become the only male player to win any Grand Slam tournament eight times, and the first man to win at least one grand slam tournament for nine consecutive years.

19. Who won the Women’s Singles in the French Open Tennis Tournament?

Answer: Serena Williams (US). This is her 16th Grand Slam title.

20. Who is appointed as the new Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan?

Answer: TCA Raghavan


21. The founder of the famous Sulabh Project, who has been presented with the French award, ‘Legend of Planet’?

Answer: Bindeshwar Pathak

Sulabh International is a social service organization which works mainly in the field of sanitation to improve public health.

22. Infinity Tower, the World’s tallest twisted tower (306 meter) was inaugurated in:

Answer: Dubai

23. The young Indian shuttler who won the Thailand Open Grand Prix Badminton Trophy?

Answer: K. Srikanth

24. The multi agency body to be established by the Government of India to carry out real-time assessment of cyber security threats?

Answer: National Cyber Coordination Centre (NCCC)

25. A newly discovered layer of the Human cornea?

Answer: Dua’s Layer

26. World Blood Donor Day was observed on:

Answer: June 14

27. Which country launched ‘Shenzhou 10’, their fifth manned space mission?

Answer: China

28. The 160 year old communication service recently discontinued by the Government of India?Answer: Telegram. It stopped working on July 14, 2013.

29. Where was this year’s G-8 summit held?

Answer: Lough Erne, Northern Ireland in United Kingdom

30. Manik Sarkar has become the Chief Minister of which state for the fourth consecutive time recently?

Answer: Tripura