Inventions and Inventors MCQs-4

Inventions and Inventors MCQs-4

1. Who invented Bifocal Lens?
A. Alfred B. Nobel
B. Thomas Alva Edison
C. Benjamin Franklin
D. Rudolf Diesel
Answer: C
2. For over 500 years, paper was only available and sold as single sheets. In 1902, an inventive Australian used half size sheets of paper, a bit of glue and cardboard to create the what?
A. Notepad
B. Calendar
C. Notice Board
D. Telephone Book

Answer: A
3. What device for new parents did Ann Moore invent in 1969?
A. Bottle warmer
B. Baby monitor
C. Disposable diaper
D. Infant carrier
Answer: D
4. In which decade was the transistor invented?
A. 1940s
B. 1950s
C. 1960s
D. 1980s
Answer: A
5. What Igor Sikorsky invented?
A. Hydroplane
B. Jet engine airplane
C. Helicopter
D. Glider
Answer: C
6. What Henry Bessemer invented?
A. Aluminum
B. Electroplating
C. Steel Converter
D. Steel rolling mill
Answer: C
7. What invention was first installed at a Hartford, Connecticut bank in 1889?
A. Automatic teller machine
B. Time-lock safe
C. Burglar alarm
D. Pay telephone
Answer: D
8. Ralph Samuelson was only 18 when he invented this sporting item in 1922. What was that?
A. Golf tee
B. Motorboat
C. Water skis
D. Hang glider
Answer: C
9. CORN FLAKES – Who made them first?
A. Nabisco
B. Kellogg
C. Quaker
D. Archers
Answer: B
10. What Karl Benz invented?
A. Gasoline powered automobile
B. Streetcar
C. Glider
D. Steam turbine
Answer: A
11. When were bar code scanners invented?
A. 1940s
B. 1950s
C. 1970s
D. 1960s
Answer: C
12. When was the game Frisbee invented?
A. 1920s
B. 1900s
C. 1870s
D. 1890s
Answer: C
13. This English inventor is known as the 'Father of Computing.'
A. Philo Farnsworth
B. J. Presper Eckert
C. John Mauchly
D. Charles Babbage
Answer: D
14. Who invented Airship (rigid)?
A. Dr. Alan M. Turing
B. Roger Bacon
C. G. Ferdinand Von Zeppelin
D. Otto
Answer: C
15. What piece of clothing was invented by French fashion designer Louis Reard in 1946?
A. Zoot suit
B. Mini-skirt
C. Bikini
D. Tank top
Answer: C
16. When were blue jeans invented?
A. 1900s
B. 1860s
C. 1870s
D. 1850s
Answer: D
17. In which decade was the SPICE simulator introduced?
A. 1950s
B. 1960s
C. 1970s
D. 1980s
Answer: C
18. Who invented the first controllable flying AEROPLANE (AIRPLANE)?
A. Wright Brothers
B. Lidenbergh Brothers
C. South Brothers
D. West Brothers
Answer: A
19. What groovy item was invented by Englishman Edward Craven Walker in 1963?
A. Leisure suit
B. Lava lamp
C. Eight-track tape deck
D. Hot comb
Answer: B
20. In which decade was the Internet first implemented?
A. 1940s
B. 1950s
C. 1960s
D. 1980s
Answer: C
21. What did cardiologist Dr. Paul Zoll invent in Massachusetts in 1952?
B. Artificial heart valve
C. Artificial heart
D. Pacemaker
Answer: D
22. What Elmer A. Sperry invented?
A. Hydroplane
B. Hydraulic turbine
C. Magnetic compass
D. Gyrocompass
Answer: D
23. Who invented Electric Generator?
A. Sir Alexander Graham Bell
B. Michael Faraday
C. Alfred B. Nobel
D. Thomas Alva Edison
Answer: B
24. Who developed the idea of Crop Rotation?
A. Potato Peterson
B. Turnip Townsend
C. Cabbage Carlson
D. Swede Svenson
Answer: B
25. In which year was MIDI introduced?
A. 1987
B. 1983
C. 1973
D. 1977
Answer: B

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