General Knowledge Point to Point 2

General Knowledge Point to Point 2

1. Which religion’s holiest day of the year is known as ‘Yom Kippur’?

Answer: Judaism  

2. Which spiritual leader’s throne is the Lion Throne?

Answer: Dalai Lama

3. Which world famous throne was decorated by the Kuh-i-Nur diamond?

Answer: Takht-e Tavus (The Peacock Throne)

4. Who is the longest served Pope of the Roman Catholics?

Answer: Pius IX

5. The Chrysanthemum Throne is the throne of the Emperor of ………?

Answer: Japan

6. Name the Pakistani economist who was behind the preparation of the first Human Development Report Published by UNDP?

Answer: Mahbub-ul-Huq

7. Which country owns the maximum number of nuclear war heads?

Answer: Russia

8. The highest military honour in the United Kingdom is known as ………?

Answer: Victoria Cross

9. Which country issued the largest coin in the world?

Answer: Sweden

10. The first cheque was issued on 22 April 1659 in ………?

Answer: London

11. Who was the first to invent the credit cards?

Answer: Frank X McNamara (USA)

12. Which bank was the operators of the world’s first ATM, began operation on 27 June 1967 at London?

Answer: Barclays Bank

13. Which is the only gem of the world made of a single element?

Answer: Diamond

14. Name the volcanic rock best known for sometimes containing diamonds?

Answer: Kimberlite

15. Which element is used to coat the photocopying drum of Xerox machine?

Answer: Selenium

16. Which acid is present in coals?

Answer: Phosphoric Acid

17. . Who did the first scientific attempt to calculate the national income of India in 1931-32?

Answer: Dr. VK Rao

18. Which Indian River’s name in Sanskrit literally means ‘The Giver of Pleasure’?

Answer: Narmada

19. Which optical filter glass allows ultraviolet & infrared light to pass through while blocking most visible light?

Answer: Wood’s Glass

20. Which is the world’s largest land carnivore?

Answer: Polar Bear

21. Which species of hibiscus is extensively used in paper making?

Answer: Kenaf

22. Which is the easternmost country of the world?

Answer: Kiribati

23. Who is the author of ‘Himalayan Blunder’?

Answer: Brig. J P Dalvi

24. Which is the oldest poem in the English language?

Answer: Ans. Beowulf

25 Who translated Edwin Arnold’s ‘Light of Asia’ into Malayalam?

Answer: Nalappad Narayana Menon