General Knowledge Point to Point 1

General Knowledge Point to Point

1. Which sport is Sushil Kumar related to? Wrestling
2. Which sport is Vijay Kumar related to? Shooting
3. Venezuela’s President who passed away recently? Hugo Chavez
4. Carlos Slim is from which country? Mexico
5.Name the first man to land on the moon. Neil Armstrong

6. When is the International Women’s Day celebrated? 8th March
7. Which year was declared to be the International Biodiversity Year? 2010
8. Miss World – 2012? Yu Wenxia (China)
9. Last British Emperor to rule India? George VI
10. ‘Bluetooth’ was named after? Harald Bluetooth – Scandinavian King of Denmark
11. What does P stand for in P. Chidambaram? Palaniappan
12. In which area of Hyderabad did the bomb blasts take place recently? Dilsukhnagar
13. Chandrayaan 1 was launched on which vehicle? PSLV C11
14.Where are the next Summer Olympics and FIFA World Cup being organized? Brazil
15. Where was the Non Alignment Movement meeting held? Tehran
16. Oscar Pistorius allegedly murdered his girlfriend. What’s her name? Reeva Steenkamp
17. Chairman of the Fundamental Rights Sub Committee? J B Kriplani
18. New pope is from which country? Argentina
19. What is current deficit rate of India? 5%
20. What is the formula of potential energy? U=mgh
21. Vishwanathan Anand defeated Borus Gelfand . Which country is he from? Israel
22. Which year was Padma Shri first given? 1954
23. Where were the relics of Buddha transferred to? Sri Lanka
24. What five year plan covered 2007-12? 11th
25. Environment Act was passed in which year? 1986
26. When is World Literacy Day? 8th September
27. Which American State was previously known as “New Amsterdam”? New York
28. Who wrote “Paradise Lost”? John Milton
29. Who was the founder of the Red Cross Society? Henry Dunant
30. Light Year is a measure of? Distance
31. Where are the Administrative Headquarters of the EU? Brussels, Belgium
32. How many High Courts does India have? 24
33. The Boundries of which states do not touch? Meghalaya and Manipur
34. How many medals did India win at the Olympics? Six
35. In which year was India’s capital shifted to Delhi? 1911
36. When di Kumbh Mela start this year? 14th January
37.Which river is the Baghlihar Dam on? Chenab
38. Which is the wealthiest Temple in India? Padmanabswamy Temple
39. Kuchipudi is the native dance form of which state? Andhra Pradesh
40. Which state is the POSCO steel plant in? Odisha
41. Which actor was caught in controversy with his movie Vishwaroopam? Kamal Hassan
42. What does the 117th Amendment to the Constitution deal with? Reservation in promotions for SC/STs
43. In which country did Norman Borlaung develop his ideas to improve food production ? Mexico
44. Paleolithic Age is commonly known as? Old stone age
45. Name the first Shaka ruler of India. Maues
46. Recently, Supreme Court ordered the ambassador of which country not to leave India? Italy
47. The Leaning Tower of Pisa doesn’t fall because? Because its center of gravity is not outside the center of support.
48. Under which ruler, were the English granted the Diwani rights in Bengal and Bihar? Shah Alam II
49. Which Indian State has the lowest sex ratio? Haryana
50. Who founded the Navjivan Trust for peaceful struggle for Swaraj? Mahatma Gandhi